Supercritical co2 fluid extraction of Wolfberry seed oil


CO2 Extraction Machine Buyer’s Guide

As you can imagine, not all supercritical CO2 extractors are made the same.
For more than 30 years, we have customized many CO2 extraction machines (Tabletop CO2 Extractor) for many companies and university laboratories (1 lb CO2 extractor). Because each customer’s CO2 extraction process requirements are different, there are almost no identical machines.

How many liters of CO2 extraction vessel are needed?

The first factor that determines the size of the CO2 extraction vessel is the daily working hours of the plant, which determines the daily extraction batch. The vessel size of the CO2 extractor depends on the biomass to be processed per day.

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How many separators are needed?

How can I custom my separator when I need more terpenes in my How can I custom my separators when need more terpenes in CBD oil extraction process?
Waxes separation and Light oil separation in 1st separator;
Light oil separation in 2nd separator;
To trap lightest and volatile compounds in 3rd separator.
It is important to choose the right vessel size that will meet your current needs as well as future demand.

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How many pressure is best for your CO2 extraction process requirements?

The choice of CO2 extraction pressure is a changing factor. If the extraction pressure is too high, the useless substances in the plant will be extracted, such as wax and chlorophyll. If the extraction pressure is too low, the extraction time will be increased.

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How can the minimum operating costs be achieved?

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supercritical co2 extraction machine
1000l supercritical co2 extraction machine


Wolfberry is a precious traditional Chinese medicinal material in our country.

It is a plant with the same medicine and food. Traditional pharmacology believes that Lycium barbarum nourishes yin, nourishes the kidney, improves eyesight, and strengthens the body.

Components of Wolfberry

Modern scientific analysis of the main components of wolfberry are: Lycium barbarum polysaccharides, carotenoids, betaine , Fatty acids, amino acids, trace elements, etc. Its pharmacological effects are manifested in its immunity to human body, anti-aging, anti-tumor, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, etc.

Wolfberry seed

Wolfberry seed is the essence of medlar. The medlar seed oil extracted from medlar seeds by modern science and technology is the essence of the essence.

Wolfberry seed oil

Wolfberry seed oil contains about 18% of oil. Wolfberry seed oil contains a variety of fatty acids, many trace elements and biologically active ingredients.

Wolfberry seed oil contains 68.3% linoleic acid, 19.1% oleic acid and 3.1% γ-linolenic acid. Vitamin E 27mg/100g, β-carotene 170mg/100g, phospholipid 0.25%, and contains a variety of trace elements and biologically active substances epidermal growth factor, SOD, etc.

How to use wolfberry seed oil:

The wolfberry seed oil produced by the supercritical CO2 extraction method has been tested, and its unsaturated fatty acid content is up to 90%, especially the content of linoleic acid is up to 68.3%.

Compared with several well-known health care vegetable oils currently respected at home and abroad , Can be among the best. It has a certain effect on the prevention and auxiliary treatment of heart disease, arteriosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc. It is an ideal functional health oil for middle-aged and elderly people.

At the same time, pregnant women and babies should increase their intake of vegetable oils high in linoleic acid, which is beneficial to the development of the baby’s brain and heart, as well as the growth and development of tissue cells.

Because wolfberry seed oil contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and biologically active substances-superoxide dismutase (SOD) is also a good natural vegetable oil cosmetics.

The wolfberry seed oil imported from the United States and Japan is mainly used for research, development and production of cosmetics with advanced hea

Simply the most complete
CO2 extraction process you can find

CO2 Extraction Process

From raw material preparation, we offer you the most complete CO2 essential oil extraction process.
At the same time, more than 100 CO2 essential oil extraction methods from the laboratory are also provided for you.


how to extract essential oils

Detailed explanation of CO2 extraction process steps of plant essential oils。

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how to extract cbd

About the co2 extraction machine cannabis.
You can read a lot of articles about cbd oil extraction from the Internet, but I can tell you for sure that they are not comprehensive at all, and even have wrong descriptions.

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